I am a Southern Florida based artist who is surrounded by a wonderful network of friends, who has been very instrumental in supporting me and helping me to rebuild and move forward into my Artistic Career.

After years of putting my artistic side on the back burner  I once again found my passion. This passion has led me into a huge variety of mediums from water color and acrylic painting, copic markers, colored pencils to mixed media and so much more.

My coloring works have been published in a variety of artist’s color books, most of which are published by Fox Chapel Publishing. This was the spring board to my re-entry into the art community.

My artistic passion is something I love to share with others, teaching, coaching and just supporting people in their own artistic endeavors. I love to shock people, that think they have no creativity, by sharing and teaching them how to tap into that part of themselves. The surprise and joy on their faces, when they complete a project they didn’t think they could do, is priceless!

My style is always redeveloping but recently could be categorized as a Whimsical Mixed Media style. I am inspired by the simple things in life. A smile given, a single daisy in a field, a blotch of red color in an otherwise drab setting, a child chasing butterflies…

I am Certified with Copic Markers and a Designer Member of the Craft & Hobby Association.

Thank you for joining on this artistic journey and always remember to keep art in your heart and there are “NO” mistakes or bad pieces in art. There are only new opportunities to be even more creative and have fun discovering.

Try every day to Live and Love “Your Life” and don’t let Life daily push and pull you where you wish not to go.

Hugs and Love from Ranae’