Works in Progress, or just in Limbo…

I tend to have focus problems at times… ok so I actually have them a LOT of times! Today was one of those days. To explain the trouble with these focus troubles I will share one situation of my day earlier. I went into the kitchen to make a sandwich, took out the last two slices of bread, went to throw away the bread wrapping. My trash can is in the laundry room, so I remembered I needed to get the clothes out of the dryer, started to fold them up and heard this very soft ding… ding… ding… Took me a couple of shirts to realize what that ding was. I had left my refrigerator door wide open, because I had originally planned on getting out my lunch meat next for my sandwich and totally spaced it all out. *Ughhh – blush*

I am no different some days when it comes to my art work. I have books and books of projects I started but never did finish. Not because I didn’t like them, but merely because I wound up getting involved in a completely different project. The picture below is a little Fairy I did over a year ago.

Now I really like the sketch of this little fairy girl, and my plan was to use copic markers to color her. Unfortunately, she wound up staying in the sketch book and put away with the many other old sketch books I have.

This mermaid below was meant to become a pen and ink sketch. Fear is what stopped from going further with her. You see I really liked the pencil sketch and was too scared I would mess her all up if I transitioned her to inks.

This next mermaid I had planned on turning into a watercolor painting.


I wanted her sitting on a treasure chest with all the wonderful sea life around her, complete with a seahorse and some fish. Unfortunately, I became involved in doing a test run of the seahorse which I then turned into a mixed media project, then when finished had forgotten all about the poor mermaid. That sea horse however I did finish!!!


Do you often find yourself moving too quickly from one project into the next? Are half finished projects stored away in your closet, drawers etc.? If so how often do you actually go back later and actually find yourself finishing them?

Ah the wonderful Limbo moments in art, what fun they are. Lol

Hugs & Love Ranae’

5 thoughts on “Works in Progress, or just in Limbo…

  1. Its difficult for me to walk away for too long. If I start a piece and don’t finish it it weighs on my shoulders and is constantly in the back of my mind until I go back to it. It drives me crazy!! It could be 2 weeks, a month or 2 months later and I can’t sleep till it’s done.

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  2. I do that all the time! I am always happy when I go back and finish something up. I still have backgrounds on canvas board that I created a few years ago and just recently added a portrait painting to one. Your little mermaids and seahorse are adorable!

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  3. Reblogged this on NO DIM LIGHT and commented:
    Anybody else? I call this ADD – artistic demand delirium. :). Thank you Ranae for sharing your struggles and successes! It’s all about growth and learning from others. Olive your openness!!!


  4. I call this ADD – artistic demand delirium. :). Thank you Ranae for sharing your struggles and successes! It’s all about growth and learning from others. I love your openness!!!


  5. I have a ton of unfinished works, too. I guess it’s pretty normal for us artists LOL! Mine is mostly because I get bored easily, I guess. When I do personal work, I tend to jump from one medium or subject to another before finishing what I originally started. It’s only on commissioned works that I really tend to focus.

    I love the colors on the seahorse, btw. 🙂

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