Techniques’: When is it your own?

I have my own style in many things but lately with my girls I have taken to following Tamara Laporte’s wondrous tutorials. I always try to make some part of each tutorial unique in some way. Yet I find myself leery of saying it is 100% my own yet.

For example, I recently completed one of Tam’s tutorial called the “Merry Muse” The photo below is Tamara’s work.


(Click Here for more info on this tutorial)

To make it more my own I used a different color palette and I changed the items in her hands from a Celtic Harp to Moon and then made my dove different with no crown. See my take on this tutorial below.


So yes it looks different than Tam’s yet similar still because the techniques used are pretty close to the same.

My next project I decided to still use the techniques I have learned from Tam but I didn’t follow her tutorials directly and even drew my very own girl without any visual aids from anyone else’s works. In other words, the girl is totally my creation.

However, once I completed her, in my mind she is still not really mine. She is not from any tutorial, she is not a copy, and yet she still doesn’t feel like all mine. Simply because the techniques I used were all learned from Tam.


I would be very interested in what others may think. If you are learning techniques from other artist’s when does what you are working on become your own work? Does every technique used needs to be 100% your own idea? Does it become your own if you mix one learned artist’s technique with another’s? How do you get to that point where you feel your creations are all yours?

I personally have no answer, I am still on the journey to developing my own personal style, technique and cohesive works. However, I know one thing…

Learning various techniques from various artist’s is definitely a great way to keep me moving forward in this journey. So to all those wonderful artists’ that share their own techniques, trials and tricks with us I thank you with all my heart! Thank to each of you, I am confident that one day I will be able to do the same and will have my “own” unique style and techniques.

Hugs & Love from – Ranae’

5 thoughts on “Techniques’: When is it your own?

  1. Your girl is amazing! I love her hair!

    I, too, am on a creative journey of learning techniques from different artists, leaning what I like and don’t like to do. I hope to eventually be able to incorporate the techniques I am drawn to into my own unique style. Some workshops I have taken have made me realize that I don’t want to go down that path. For instance, I have learned that I don’t feel comfortable with journaling my feelings, or with drawing people. But I love to paint nature and to do collage and mixed-media, and am drawn to using vintage photographs in my art. It is so wonderful having all those on-line tutorials where you can try out different things. Personally, I feel that if you use techniques you have learned from other artists, but haven’t actually copied their art, then it is your own work.

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  2. My personal style is always evolving. I love watching tutorials, it helps inspire my creativity. The more I apply what I learn, the easier it gets to come up with my own ideas. Takes me a while though. I get distracted easily… Hey look, Squirrel!

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