Details Schmetails

I love making my art, I love putting time into those special details on a piece and becoming immersed in it. Total focus and heart, making sure the colors are complimentary and the lines clean and crisp, the highlights complimentary and the…

Then there are days when I just need to say…

Details Schmetails !!!


These are the days when all the rules are gone and I just completely let go and play. I am not creating to build my business; I am not creating for any specific reason at all. I am just full out playing!


Granted I may be making it for a friend or loved one, but I am not all caught up in the perfect colors, staying in the lines, tiny details and the likes. I am just letting go and grabbing some type of medium and letting loose.


My mind will pick some random topic and the flow will start. It may end up looking like a fully thought out idea when I am finished but the truth is, it was no more than Ranae’ freeing herself and letting her Little Girl come out and fly, and there are many different ways to let yourself fly freely.


Many times it is in this free mode where I discover a new technique. Play around with some new medium types and have those, “Wow, I never knew I could do that!” moments.

So if you have not given yourself time to get away from all the stress of Detail Schmetails lately, be sure you do soon. Be free and play like you were 5 yrs old again. Get a bit messy, break the rules, scribble and have some well-deserved free flying play time!

Do you have some type medium around that you haven’t played with lately? Maybe an older style of art you enjoyed at one time but haven’t done for a while? I would love to hear about your own play time. What do you personally do when you just want to let go and play?

Hugs & Love – Ranae’

2 thoughts on “Details Schmetails

  1. Hi Ranae’!

    I just love your little girl on a cloud! So whimsical! But yes, we definitely have to take days, or moments, to just play. Some of my best inspiration comes when I’m doing something completely unrelated! Or I might think of a new way, to use an old product (pretty much what you said in your post, LOL!). I do end up with little slips of paper, with ideas, everywhere too.. I’m really trying to journal more too, because that feels more like play to me and sometimes ideas just pop into my head when I’m working in my journal!
    I’ve just started Bible journaling as well and I think that is going to be pretty loose and easy. I don’t want to get too hung up on the details and lose the purpose in doing it! I am too much of a perfectionist and have the tendency to hold myself back because of it!

    Thank you for your great blog and brilliant writing! Really great, thought provoking, messages!
    Mary Anne

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