Mad Hatter Day

Does your art sometimes turn into a series without you meaning for it to?  Do themes just happen or are you one who plans them out?

I started out working on a new project that revolves around Alice in Wonderland. Unfortunately, I am unable to proceed further than my preliminary sketch due to having to work out some kinks with the background material I want for her. So in the mean time I began to look for something else to do.

I don’t usually have a list of what I want to do next and in this case my mind was blank. I only knew I wanted to paint.

I have a great friend, Savannah, who has her grandma’s tea recipe tacked up on my fridge and as I went to get something to drink I looked at it and there began my inspiration. She loves tea so I decided to paint her a whimsical teapot. It was a lot of fun to paint and I definitely want to do more of these.


When I was finished with it, once again I turned to my friends. While chatting with them I just asked them to name me a few of their favorite things. One of my friends, Nicole, said bunnies. And so this lil bunny was born. She was an ornery bunny and as usual I almost gave up on her as she went through her ugly stage, but I pressed through and I rather like her now. Not too bad for my first ever acrylic animal.


Still running into trouble with my background and having to wait now for delivery of the material I designed, I once again was looking for something to paint.

My friend Michelle and I have been talking about holding some of our own paint classes at some point and were chatting about what things we could paint in those classes. Being a lover of hat’s I told her I wanted to try a whimsical top hat.  And so this hat was created.


Now look back at the various items I wound up painting over the past couple of weeks… do you see the theme?

It was completely unintentional but I wound up painting items that can be found relating to the one thing I “truly” wanted to be working on, which was my Alice in Wonderland!

Funny how things interweave isn’t it? “Curiouser and Curiouser!”

How about you? Do you find yourself working in themes without intent to do so? Perhaps it’s just a certain color palette you keep using unintentionally. It may even be thicker than normal line strokes or an embellishment you suddenly realize you put into many of your art works.

I would very much love to hear from each of you regarding your experience with such.

Hugs & Love Ranae’

11 thoughts on “Mad Hatter Day

  1. Yes!!! *love* the splatters you added to the hat by the way? And hmmmm, even though I saw the theme you had going on, it never dawned on me that it was all because of how much you’ve been itching to work on Alice. :). I fall into colors often. And shapes. And sometimes a medium I am feeling plays nicer with me for a period of time. I’m chanting for Alice now! Can’t wait to see her when it all comes together!

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    • Ahhh *giggles* I forgot that I hadn’t show it to you with the added splatters. I really do think it at least had something subconsciously to do with the work I been choosing to do. However, I only thought of that after I had done all these other pieces. lol


  2. Love this Ranae’. Yes. I definitely go through periods with a specific medium or color theme. I adore these paintings! So creative and you just get better and better my dear! I think about you every day, even though we don’t always chat. I love what you are doing with your work and your blog! Can’t wait to see Alice!!!!
    Love and blessings,
    Mary Anne

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    • Hugs , thanks Mary, yes I also go through medium trends, and I have TONS of various mediums to choose from. lol Part of my problem at times, tooooo many choices. But I know I am blessed to have them and so very grateful. I have been thinking of you also, and thank you so much for leaving a comment. That means a lot to me!


  3. I love how our subconscious is always at work, even though we may not realise it at the time!
    I usually paint in a series, though often that’s just a pair. Once I did twelve, which I will never do again, as it’s madness!
    Your paintings are delightful, I love your imagination – I have none!


  4. I love all of your Alice in Wonderland themed pieces!
    I often find myself using pressed flowers from my garden in my mixed media art, even though I don’t intend to at the start, whether it’s a scrapbook page, or a painting, or an art journal page.

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  5. I absolutely LOVE your artworks! Although most of my art revolve around monsters and darker themes, I dabble in whimsical/fairy tale themes, too, because I get bored doing the same thing over and over again. I can’t wait to show my kids your art. They are going to love these!

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