The Healing Muse & Melancholy

How often does your muse turn to you during those melancholy stages? Do you allow it to come forth and inspire you artistically?

I don’t typically create my art to show my places of melancholy, instead my muse brings forth ideas that give me joy, with bright colors and of whimsicalities or fun oddities.

However, this was a tough week…


I woke up Saturday and all I could think about was Mom’s day. That is a hard holiday for me, for many reasons, some of them way too personal and still too hard for me to speak openly of. But the part my muse grabbed a hold of was how deeply I miss my Mom.

Mom was a wonderful, Wife, Mom, Business woman, Homemaker and friend. It still amazes me to this day how many different people my Mom’s kindness touched.
She was always thinking of other people and could be found lending an ear of comfort, reaching out to those less fortunate than herself and encouraging others. She used to pack a little Ziploc bag with things like aspirin, Tylenol, allergy pills, tums etc. and carry it in her purse just in case one of her many friends ever needed a little emergency med care.

For as far back as I can remember my Mom and I would always use the well-known phrase, “I love you to the moon and back.” But we would put our own spin on it. For example, she would write or say, “I love you to the moon and back a million times!” I would reply, “I love you to the moon and back a billion katrillioin zillion times.” We’d just make up names for our own big numbers. That always meant so much to me and now I even do the same phrase with my youngest daughter, Della.


As I sat there pondering how much I missed my Mom that phrase came to my muse and I added the phrase in my sketch, to say, “miss you to the moon and back.”
As I worked on this sketch my heart filled with warm memories of Mom and my smile grew. Before I knew it had happened I found my smile and although the heaviness of her being gone was still there it was surrounded by the comfort of knowing she is always with me and how easy it is to pull up those wonderful memories at any time. My muse had helped me put the smile back on my face and the sketch was like a calming medicine for me. Missing her yet so happy to of been her daughter and to have so many wonderful memories of her.
My Mom passed in 12-12-2011, and I miss her so much!

So in dedication to the most wonderful woman I ever met and was so very blessed to of been raised by. This sketch is for you Mom.


In Memory of Jane Erion the most wonderful lady you could ever of met!
I love you to the moon and back an infinity of times and miss you just as much!


13 thoughts on “The Healing Muse & Melancholy

  1. You express so much love with your words and artwork ~ my mom is saying to me now “I love you more.” A dragonfly to remind me even though we are apart, Your spirit is always with me, forever in my heart…your post made me think of this quote.

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  2. Been wanting to respond to this for a while! This work is so beautiful and special! its often hard for me to place where my inspiration comes from. And then, where my motivation comes from. Sometimes they are totally seperated entities. I do know that stepping outside of my comfort zone is hard!!! Especially with my art.

    I *loved* that you took a place of sadness or melancholy and used who you are as an artist to work through it. I have always believed that art is one of the best forms of therapy, and I loved hearing how it brought you to a better place ;). Art IS healing!

    And yes, a truly beautiful and inspiring tribute!

    Love. Heal. Create. ❤️

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  3. Reblogged this on NO DIM LIGHT and commented:
    Art is healing, and to me an invaluable form of therapy. I am so inspired by my friend Ranae and her work. Always. But this tribute to her mother touched me as I know it helped her process some feelings! Check her out please! Love. Heal. Create. ❤️

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