A Dibble Dabble Day

So today is a starting out to be a dibble dabble day. One of those days where it’s just hard to settle your mind down long enough to really dig into any one project.


I started out scribbling chalk over the back of a preliminary sketch I did for a larger project I want to do.



Then I put that aside and refreshed my coffee, walked away, let my pups outside, said morning to a few friends on FB. Grabbed a piece of copy paper and began sketching a face.



Was not liking that so I returned to my chalked paper and taped it in place, tested the transfer to ensure the yellow chalk I used would work. Walked to my computer then right back to the taped sketch and began the actual transferring process, finished that, took the transfer sketch off then back to sketch on paper again. Still not liking the sketch, I sighed and walked away from it. Took a bubble bath to hopefully relax my scattered thoughts.



Then Refreshed my coffee again and back to my computer, opened up MS Word and here I now sit typing this blog entry.


Dibble Dabble…

I have come to the conclusion that part of this dibble dabble is the result of me starting a project I have never tried before. It’s not an unfamiliar medium, it’s simply on a larger scale than I have done before. So a bit of my dibbles are unsurety of how to move forward with it. Of course there is always other life circumstances that enter into the mix which add to this dibble dabble mindset, on top of our projects, that tend to add to the scattered thought processes.

This might be a good day for an abstract of some sort… *giggle* Dibble… Dibble… Dabble… Dabble..

Do you have days like this? If so what helps you to refocus and settle your mindset? Would love to hear your thoughts on Dibble Dabble days.

Hugs & Love – Ranae’

8 thoughts on “A Dibble Dabble Day

  1. Dibble Dabble Day? Yes! Love the name by the way, *very* much dislike that kind of day! I guess I like to think of those days as framework/brainstorming days if I am trying to keep things positive in my own mind, but what it really feels like is artistic unrest or even chaos.

    There is no better feeling to me than settling into an artistic peace, or piece! It’s that moment when you are totally focused and connected with your canvas or project. It’s a deep inhale and cathartic sigh! It’s like taking a bite of your favorite dessert! Or hearing your favorite song on the radio!

    But the other days? Well, if I am really scattered AND blocked, I like to look at other artists pieces and just let go of what I think I *should* be doing. My art heart tells me it’s not the day for this or that, and I try not to push it, because I feel like my piece will look forced! I swear it does sometimes! But then I end up with piles of unfinished pieces. *grumbles* 🙂

    So, if I sometimes journal thoughts it helps me sort through whatever is impeding and blocking my flow that day. Usually there is something keeping me from skipping around my art mind! Sometimes, once I get those thoughts down, I come to a realization and am able to move forward with more focus. Sometimes not, but then find I am in a better place for the next day!

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  2. Oh yeah these kind of days are familiar to me. Sometimes it is like dragging the feet when jumping into something new. Sometimes when I don’t feel like creating I will sit down with paper and doodle mindlessly doodle helps calm the mind sometimes ideas form and just helps me feel like I did something. I also enjoy a brisk walk to get me moving and motivated. Best of luck!


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