Projects Galore

Does it help you to have more than one thing to work on, or does it hinder you from completing projects? How many is too many? How many projects do you have going at the same time? I currently have over 12 things started… Over achiever? Nah, probably just my ADD kicking in…


I always have many various things I am working on. I find it helps me a lot to do this. This way when I hit those pesky roadblock monsters threatening to push me into the Land of No Return or drive me to Depressionville, I have something else to move on to.


Of course too many projects can be a block also for some people. My artist friend Michelle shared with me that sometimes, for her, too many projects can also overwhelm her. Kind of putting her in a place where she doesn’t know which one to work on. This is true for me at times also, usually when I have so much going on in my personal life on top of it all.

When I first re-entered my artistic life though, I pushed myself to only do one project at time. This was due to me recognizing that I had a very bad habit of not finishing things. I would get to, what many call, the “ugly” stage of something and then quit. So to avoid this I put myself on a restriction and no matter how great of an idea I had for a New project I would not start it until I finished what I had already started. I would write my idea down instead. Kind of my own training/reconditioning process.

Now however, I have no problem pushing past my ugly stages and have completed many projects consistently. Therefore, I no longer feel the need to keep myself to just the one at a time rule.


Another reason I often have so many things going at one time is that I just tend to go through the, “I am bored stages.” Do you get that way at times? That feeling where you find yourself constantly sighing? Struggling to move forward or even procrastinating with doing your next step?

If I try to push through the bored stage, I tend to find myself not being as attentive to what I am doing and before I know it have forced myself into another ugly stage, which could have been avoided if I had just let it be.


I need my art to be free, I need it to be fun as I am working on it. If it is not fun, then for me it is time to put it away and work on something else. Do I need to have the 12 things going at once? No, not really. But I do need to have at least a couple, and when I find my creative mind just is not there, I break out the color books!!!


But my color book craze I shall leave for another post.

I’d love to hear your feedback on Projects Galore and how many is too many for you.

Hugs & Love – Ranae’

10 thoughts on “Projects Galore

  1. You rock my art heart!!!! You described it perfecto! I’ve tried to condition myself in the same way in the past, but when I am stuck and it’s not fun anymore, I get all pouty and don’t want to do anything and then my little artist stomps her feet around and nothing gets accomplished! Then I can’t adult at all!

    I like spreading things out too. It means I have options to let go and do something else instead of overworking and eventually killing a piece – like what you talked about in your other post on when to step away, or knowing when you are finished.

    Also, art is about motion for me. It’s about what i am doing, so sometimes i am feeling more tactile and may want to work with clay or something more 3 D and step away from my painting. And sometimes, it’s just about my mood. Occasionaly, I can’t bond with a particular piece enough to get my heart there because that is not where my mood is. So, I may have a more sullen or stark piece going at the same time I have a more happy and colorful piece going.

    Ohh! Also sometimes time constraints. So I have small pieces I can work on for brief periods and then larger pieces for when I have more art time.

    But ADD? Yep. I think it stands for Artistic Delisuonal Discivery 🙂 Squirrel?!?!

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  2. I’m like Michelle, to much and I get overwhelmed to the point I am all but paralyzed by it. My Art is a different genre…so that may be part of it. I try to walk away, listen to music or read some one else work for inspiration.

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      • Absolutely! I was listening to Stevie Nicks cover Crash by Dave Matthews Band recently and the work I wrote was most definitely influenced. That song is very charged to me anyways and then to have such a strong female singing it made it even more inspiring.

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  3. I remember the ugly stage “ugly time” in my life! I have moved beyond that but now it is a problem of knowing how far to take a painting or not taking it far enough! Sounds like you need all your projects going to keep you creatively engaged….I think the process is something that you enjoy. At least that is my take on what you wrote. I think I get too focused on the end product and I want to work on having more balance. Thank you for the follow by the way. I love what I have seen here on your blog, a gentle soul comes through. Blessings!

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    • Thank you Margaret, wow you really touched my heart with your words. You are right in that I love the process, having many to work on seems to be cathartic for me and keeps me engaged. I also think part of it for me is that I had to walk away from my art for many years, due to unfortunate circumstances. It’s like I was being artfully starved and now I am making sure I don’t go hungry again. lol That may sound a bit odd. Thank you again, very very much for your kind words. – Hugs & Love – Ranae’

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